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Vrujci Spa

Vrujci spa

Vrujci Spa is located in north-west Serbia at the bottom of Suvobor and Maljen mountains in the valley of rivers Kolubara and Gornja Toplica. The spa is 92 away from Belgrade at the altitude179-252 m in moderate continental climate and represents one of the most important spa of the region.

Thermal springs of the spa contain sulphur, potassium, selenium and magnesium and are low-mineral, earth-alkaline, hypo-thermal; the temperatures vary from 26 to 28°C. Vrujci spring is famous for high level of pressure: water head is averagely 300 l per second! Here waters is „boiling“ and the temperature is normally higher than air’s one. Water is used for bathing and drinking, local mud is used for compresses. Vrujci is helpful for people who suffer from chronic rheumatism, high blood pressure, anemia, kidney stones and many others.

Surroundings of the spa are quite rich with events such as Days of Živojin Mišić, famous Serbian Commander, Rajac Scythe Festival days, Cultural Summer. Guests mostly stay in the hotel „Vrujci“ or in numerous local houses.