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Stara Planina Mountain

Stara Planina

Stara Planina Mountains spread on the eastern Serbia as a part of Mountain Chain Balkan that gave a name to the whole peninsula. Stara Planina is 330 km away from Belgrade and 70 km away from Niš and belongs to Zaječar, Knjaževac, Pirot and Dimitrovgrad towns area. The highest point of Stara Planina and the whole Serbia is Midžor at the altitude of 2.169 m. Unique sceneries of Stara Planina are best observed at Babin Zub Reserve, area with steep ruptures and sharp cliffs, picturesque waterfalls, fields of forest fruits and rich woods at the altitude 1.758 m.

Skiers of all categories will enjoy more than 13 km of well-prepared tracks of various difficulties; extreme sport lovers also have off-pistes. Stara Planina is covered with snow in average for 5 months but the ski center has an artificial snow system. Stara Planina Hotel **** is the center of touristic offer: it has an indoor swimming pool, spa-center and a gym. Stara Planina is a perfect place in summer months for lovers of untouched nature who want to discover immense riches of local beauty and enjoy walking, riding a bike and fishing.

Stara Planina is exceptionally rich with water and represents a river-head of two most important rivers of Eastern Serbia, Nišava and Timok. The area was proclaimed Natural Park in 1997 when all the natural monuments and reserves were taken under the protection of the government. Along with unique ecological system with various species living here, Stara Planina is proud of its authentic cuisine and prominent cheese, one of the best in the world: Staroplaninski or Pirotski cheese. Visitors of Stara Planina can enjoy 1-day excursions to Rajački pimnice, a unique wine-makers village near Negotina, or to Sokobanja, one of the most famous spa centers of Serbia, and to the towns of Pirot and Knjaževac.