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Zlatar Mountain


Zlatar Mountains with the highest top called Golo brdo (1.627 m altitude) raises above banks of rivers Lim, Uvac, Mileševka and Bistrica in Western Serbia. According to special law of Serbian Government Zlatar was proclaimed „air spa“, unique mix of three air currents, picturesque pastures and meadows, clear lakes surrounded with forests of spruce and birch, Mediterranean and mountain climate, therapeutic air enriched with turpentine and ozone and infinite views explain the origin of the name of Zlatar (Golden in Serbian). According to researches, Zlatar has the sunniest days in Serbia and authentic nature only 270 km away from Belgrade; Zlatar has a great potential for developing as a ski center, sport-recreative and rural touristic heart, excursions and hunting destination and therapeutic spa facility. „Panorama“ Hotel is the heart of Zlatar facilities, a 800 m ski-lift is available for tourists during winter months.

Only 10 km away from Zlatar Special Natural Reserve „Uvac“ is located. It is famous for three lakes (Uvačko, Zlatarsko and Radoinjsko) that appeared after construction of a dam on a river. Serpentine meanders of Uvac river represent a special touristic attraction along with the habitat, one of the biggest in Europe, of a rare species of scavenger bird Gyps fulvus. Vicinity of Zlatibor and Tara mountains offers organization of various excursions to Mokra Gora with the Šargan Eight train ride, Kusturica’s Kustendorf and Andrićgrad, Drina river canyon etc, exceptionally rich cultural heritage including Mileševa monastery as the most prominent sight will please any tourist. Nature lovers will surely enjoy a trip to Pešter highland located at 1.492 m altitude along with other mountain area.