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Hopovo Monastery


Novo Hopovo monastery is located on the southern slopes of Fruška Gora Mountains and National park not far away from Belgrade and Novi Sad. Famous as a wine-region, Fruška Gora hosts 17 functioning monasteries of Serbian Orthodox Church. This beautiful and holy region is called among people as “Serbian Mount Athos“. Picturesque sceneries of rich Vojvodina, sacral monuments and local wines attract many tourists every day.

The monastery is built in the 15th century and represents a unique architectural idea; it was built in Morava style from stone and brick. Hopovo preserves the relic of Theodore of Amasea, Saint and first patron of Venice. After smuggling St. Mark’s relic from Alexandria, this evangelist was proclaimed Saint and new patron of Venice. So the relic of Theodore was brought to Serbian Hopovo. In the 16th century this place represented the most important enlightenment center in Serbia: famous Serbian cultural and philological figure Dositej Obradović lived and worked here.

Sremski Karlovci is located only 12 km away from Novo Hopovo and represents a real gem of Serbian culture and spirituality. Baroque city center, Patriarchy, Cathedral of Saint Nicolas and Catholic Church of Saint Trinity, first Serbian gymnasium built in 1881 and the Library of Karlovac gymnasium – all this make Sremski Karlovci a “museum town”. Sremski Karlovci and Fruška Gora monasteries are a must-see during tour around Serbia.