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Bor Lake

Bor lake

Bor Lake is situated in eastern Serbia about 250 km away from Belgrade and less than 20 km from the town of Bor that gave its name to the lake. Bor lake appeared in 1959 during the construction of a dam and creation of artificial reservoir that collects water from mountain river from the Crni Vrh mount. The lake occupies surface of 30 hectares, the deepest point is 48 m. Unique natural ambient, foliage and pine forests, green hills and pleasant climate make this lake perfect for tourists and recreation, in the last period lake’s capacities are more often used for congresses and seminars organization  during the whole year.

Clear and transparent water that reaches up +25 degrees during summer is perfect for those looking for some freshness during summer. Numerous facilities of the Lake of Bor are at visitor’s disposal at beaches, the most famous are Main, Tropical, Savača and camp beach.  Sport fields for various sports, cycling and walking tracks, lending boats and pedal boats during summer and ski resort at Crni Vrh mount with a ski lift in winter. The lake is quite popular among sport fishermen as waters are very rich with various kinds of fish – every year tons of young fish are put into the lake to preserve and enrich lake’s fauna.