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Rivers & Lakes

Although Serbia doesn’t have any access to sea, country attracts numerous tourists with its lakes and rivers that give an opportunity to have wonderful pastime like rafting, fishing, swimming and rowing. All the rivers of Serbia belong to Black, Adriatic and Aegean Sea basins,and 90% of Serbian rivers flow into Danube.

Beautiful blue Danube has the widest and longest flow in Serbia (588 km). It crosses picturesque Vojvodina valley and National Park „Fruška Gora” and passes by numerous cultural and historical sights like and reaches National Park „Đerdap”, the biggest river gorge in Europe. Danube is most popular river for cruising with two major cities on its banks – Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Great Morava together with Western Morava is the biggest river in Serbia. It is born at the place where South and Western Morava meet. Great Morava then flows into Danube between towns of Smederevo and Kostolac. Great Morava is 185 km long, together with Western Morava – 487 km.

River Drina is 346 km long, it is created at the mouth of rivers Tara and Piva in Montenegro, this is the biggest confluent of Sava river.  Wild power of Drina is „pacified“ by dams and lakes (Višegradsko, Perućac, Zvorničko) and three river plants: Višegrad, Bajina Bašta and Zvornik.  In summer months Drina hosts tourist-recreative events such as Drina regatta and Drina rafting.

The biggest lake in Serbia is artificial lake at Danube called Đerdap Lake, then follow Vlasina and Perućačko lakes. Palić, Silver and Belocrkvanska lakes are a special tourist attraction.

Silver lake with its sandy beaches, hotel and camp is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Serbia. Lake is a part of Danube’s branch and is 2 km away from the town of Veliko Gradište. Clean water, pleasant climate and perfect conditions for sport trainings make the rest at the lake perfect.

Palić Lake is 8 km away from Subotica and one of the most significant tourist centers in Vojvodina. This natural park offers different kinds of pastime, sport activities and tours of natural reserve. Lake’s bank 17 km long has full infrastructure, waters are rich with fish and is famous for therapeutic effect.