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Spa & Wellness

The beginning of development of spa resorts and spa tourism in Serbia dates back to the times of Roman Empire, approximately early second century of the II century AD. Lots of material proofs: pools, metal coins, water pipes, heating pipes and written documents, confirm the fact that Romans had some kind of a cult of thermal waters, so Serbia can now be proud of some spa resorts that were built at this area by Roman Emperors. What is more, 500 years of presence of Ottoman invaders left its mark on the spa development in Serbia, first of all – prominent „Turkish baths“ or „hammams“, „forerunner“ of modern Spa and Wellness centers

Nowadays with more than 1000 of thermal and mineral springs and more than 50 organized spa resorts Serbia is listed among the richest European countries, whilst spa-tourism is one of the foundations of tourism development. Along with classical treatment for which thermal and mineral waters, mud and gases are used, Serbia offers favorable terms for development of wellness, recreative, sport and congress tourism. Riches of forests and clean air, influence of various climate conditions are the reason for existence of air-spa in Serbia, the most prominent of which are Zlatibor and Zlatar.

Treatment with natural factors such as water, mud, gas or just climate is held with the means of numerous therapies, for example, hydro, physical, Kinesio, climate, electro, magnetic, helio, thermal, working therapies etc. These therapies are used for healing various medical conditions: breathing organs illnesses, cardiovascular problems, kidneys and urinal tract diseases, rheumatism, post operational conditions, digestive system diseases, gynecologic problems, diabetes etc.