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Zlatibor Mountain

Zlatibor is one of the most famous Serbian mountain chains and tourist centers, situated 230 km away from Belgrade in Western Serbia. The average altitude of 1000m and the specific geographical location enables the so-called “wind-rose”, a mix of sea and mountain air currents which results in the highest quality of air, creating a healthy and pleasant climate at Zlatibor. The pine forests that gave Zlatibor its name, the meadows, pastures and mountain streams make Zlatibor’s natural ambience exceptional and a favourite destination among skiers and mountain lovers.

Numerous facilities and recreation activities are at the visitor’s disposal all year round. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy the walking and cycling paths, horse riding, and paragliding. In the summer, pools are available for relaxation and refreshment, as well as nearby lakes and oxbow lakes. During the winter, the children can attend a mountain ski school in the town center, while only 7 km away the Mount Tornik (altitude of 1500m) offers a modern ski center with four ski trails of various difficulty levels equipped with an artificial snow system and ski lifts.