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Serbia is one of rare European countries that can be proud of enormous riches that can be observed, mainly, at Serbian cities. Depending on geographic position of particular cities we can enjoy in numerous remains of Antique, Roman, Ottoman or Austro-Hungarian cultures and architectures “seasoned” with authentic edifices from Socialism period or Modernism.

When meeting Serbian cities from north and border with Hungary we can notice strong influence of powerful Austro-Hungarian monarchy that had been for centuries ruling at this area. Subotica, Secession city, with rich cultural heritage and multicultural spirit, represents a must-see during a stay in Serbia. Then we get acquainted with peaceful and sleepy capital of Vojvodina – Novi Sad rising over Danube’s banks at the place where Balkan and European cultures meet. The city of culture and festivals is known as the host of numerous events like EXIT – the biggest music festival in South-East Europe.

Going down via Danube we face dynamic Serbian capital Belgrade. Located at the meeting currents of Sava and Danube Belgrade has been for centuries destroyed and rebuilt by numerous conquerors so nowadays it is a treasury of various styles. Anyway Belgrade is more proud of specific spirit of its citizens and incredibly rich offer of night life and cultural events. Kragujevac, the heart of Šumadija region, represents the main city of renewed Serbia whilst in the southern direction the most prominent city is Niš with its rich Roman and Ottoman heritage which makes it an exceptionally interesting destination at this part of Balkan Peninsula.