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Uvac lake

Uvac (Sjeničko) lake

Uvac lake or as locals call it “Sjeničko lake” is under government’s protection and is a part of Natural Reserve “Uvac”. Uvac lake was formed in 1970-s under the mountains Javor and Zlatar when a dam on the river Uvac was built in order to use its hydroenergetics potential. Uvac lake is on 1000 m of altitude and it is the second highest lake in Serbia (after Vlasinsko lake), the lake is 25 km long and over than 100m deep.

Pristine nature of Uvac lake attracts many tourists, fishermen and scientists — speleologists, geologists and botanists. Majority of them come for two reasons: the griffon vulture habitat not far from the dam and famous Uvac river meanders.

Griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus) is a very rare bird of prey, whose habitat at Natural Reserve “Uvac” is one of the largest in Europe. This griffon with 3 m of wing span and up to 11 kg of weight is the biggest bird species in Serbia. As it eats only dead animals, griffon’s role of “cleaner” in ecosystem is very important. Their colony in the Reserve counts 400 birds, and that the best place to watch them is just above the lake.

Curvy meanders of the river are a special tourist attraction. By vertical erosion the river has been seeping through soft limestone rocks and thus left exceptionally deep meanders with capes and caves. Observation points from Pešter mountains near towns of Molitva or Devojačka Stena or a boat trip with ranger service of the Reserve provide a breathtaking sight. Speleologists and cave lovers may enjoy Ušačka cave or Ledena (Icy) cave, parts of Ušačka cave system (6 km long).

Tours that include visit to Uvac: