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Krušedol Monastery


Historical and cultural role, sacristy’s value, famous iconostasis and inner frescoes of Krušedol Monastery mark it out from others as one of the most important monasteries of Fruška Gora. It is located on the southern slope of Fruška Gora Mountain and National park, not that far away from Belgrade and Novi Sad, only 10 km away from Hopovo monastery. These two monasteries are the most visited religious centers of “Serbian Mount Athos”. Many tourists and lovers of history and architecture visit Krušedol and Hopovo every year.

You may judge about the importance of Krušedol when find out how many important persons were buried here: all the Despot Branković family, ktetors of the Monastery, King Milan Obrenović, first Serbian king of newly formed State, Princess Ljubica, patriarch Arsenije III Čarnojević, whose main deed was saving Serbian people during the Great Migration in the 17th century, and famous commander Stevan Šupljikac. 

Krušedol monastery was built in the first half of the 16th century as endowment of the last Serbian Despoty family Branković, Despot Đurađ and his mother St. Angelina of Serbia, members of the last Despoty family. Monastery’s Church, devoted to Annunciation, is exceptional for its baroque architecture and preserves the most important baroque pictures of Serbia.

Sremski Karlovci is located only 12 km away from Krušedol and represents a real gem of Serbian culture and spirituality. Baroque city center, Patriarchy, Cathedral of Saint Nicolas and Catholic Church of Saint Trinity, first Serbian gymnasium built in 1881 and the Library of Karlovac gymnasium – all this make Sremski Karlovci a “museum town”. Sremski Karlovci and Fruška Gora monasteries are a must-see during tour around Serbia.