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Vlasina Lake

Vlasina lake

Vlasina Lake is located in south-east Serbia about 120 km away from Niš.  The accumulation of water started in 1947 as the result of dam construction in the plateau Vlasin at the altitude 1200 m which makes this lake the highest lake in Serbia. It is famous for its long coastline of 36km, many bays, peninsulas and floating islands. This exceptional phenomenon has been attracting more tourists over the last years as these floating islands may disappear soon.

These floating islands appeared as the result of lake creation when layers of turf separated from the bottom and came to the surface of the lake. Years passed and these islands were getting covered with vegetation and even trees – willows and birches. The trees are islands’ sails, and they float on the lake depending on wind’s strength and direction.

Untouched nature that surrounds the lake of Vlasin, picturesque sights, clear water with various fish species offer a magnificent ambient for tourists, nature-lovers and fishermen. The fact that Vlasin is not commercialized makes it even more attractive for those willing a peaceful rest.