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Ravanica Monastery


Ravanica Monastery, spiritual, cultural, literary and artistic heart of Central Serbia is located near the town of Ćuprija, 10 km away from highway Belgrade-Niš. Ravanica was built in the second half of 14th century before Turkish invasion in Europe. Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović, ruler of Central Serbia at that time and one of the most important Serbian historical figures, expected unavoidable future struggle and built a defensive wall with seven towers around Ravanica.

The Church of Holy Ascension of the Monastery is built of stone and brick and has rich exterior decorations, whilst interior and fresco of the Church show all the skills and inspiration of painters of that time. Among the frescoes that survived after numerous armies that passed the Monastery by, the most important one is the ktetor’s composition depicting prince Lazar and his wife Princess Milica with their sons Stefan and Vuk.

Near Ravanica the Resava Cave is located. It was discovered long ago but is still one of the most interesting caves in Serbia. Resava cave and 11 hectares area around it are a natural monument protected by the state.

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