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Even ancient chronicles contain notes about Danube’s importance and names it “the greatest among rivers”. Numerous first settlements in Europe appeared on the banks of this “old giant” or “guardian of time”. We are the witness of the fact that 8000 years ago Danube was the well of prehistory life of Lepenski Vir, the man from Vinča culture from the late Stone Age. Afterwards Danube was the most important connection between East and West and border of the Roman Empire, witness of which are the remains of Viminacium, Roman town and fortification, Trajan’s bridge and Roman limes. The most important medieval fortresses are raising above Danube: firstly Smederevo and Ram Fortresses, Petrovaradin, Kalemegdan and Golubac were built later. Nowadays Danube is playing the same role uniting western and eastrern parts of the European continent as an only waterway. Danube is the most popular river for river-cruise and Belgrade, as one of few European Danube Metropolis, is one of the most interesting stops.

Along with huge cultural and historical heritage that Danube preserves at its banks, the river differs from other water ways with its natural riches and contrasts. This is when another name for Danube, „river with a thousand faces“, reveals itself as a proper name. Danube flows through Serbian territory in the length of 588 km, and exactly here this peaceful flat ground river turns into fast tumultuous flow. During the cruise tourists may enjoy picturesque views in the upstream waters of Danube at Vojvodina plain. Via lower reaches of the water the cruise passes by Fruška Gora, former Austrian-Hungarian city of Novi Sad, romantic Sremski Karlovci, modern capital Belgrade and medieval capital Smederevo. Literally the history is happening before your eyes. After Golubac, where Danube is the widest (about 6 km), there follows the wild and impervious Djerdap canyon, the biggest river gorge in Europe, which is 98 km long. Here famous Kazan is located – the deepest (90 m) and narrowest (only 150 m) place of Danube that is in total 2.860 km long

River-head in Germany leads to mouth at the Black Sea where Danube creates a delta on Romanian and Ukrainian territory. Although Danube flows through 10 countries, its flow through Serbia is considered to be most attractive to tourists due to the above mentioned facts.

Tours that include visit to Danube: