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Tara Mountain


Mountain Tara is located in the far west of Serbia on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and is contoured by twisting river Drina between towns of Višegrad and Bajina Bašta. The major part of Tara is protected by the government and belongs to the National park “Tara” founded in 1981 for preservation of unique flora and fauna. Tara is a part of Starovlaški mountains chain of medium height. Average altitude is 1200m, the highest peak is called Kozji rid and reaches 1.591 m. At the National park’s territory more than 1100 of plants grow which make up one third or Serbian total plants species.

The most significant species of Tara’s flora is a coniferous called “Pančićeva omorika” or Serbian spruce (Picea omorica). Serbian famous scientist Josif Pančić found the species near Zaovinj in the center of the mountain. Tara is unique for its inaccessible and hidden nooks this is why the biggest population of brown bear, European biggest predator, that counts 40 bears is preserved here. In order to save this natural ambient, 27 cycling tracks were constructed (total length – about 420 km). During winters near the touristic center Mitrovica a sky-race “Nargomak” with night lightning is in function.