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About Slovenia

In 2016, Slovenia became the very first Certified Green destination in the world and the same year its capital city Ljubljana was declared the European Green Capital. This lush paradise currently represents one of the top sustainable destinations in the world. Slovenia is the only European country to combine the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plains and the Karst. Its landscape is always a surprise. The proximity of contrasts is one of the main landmarks of this beautiful green country. You will enjoy the view of the crystal clear sea from one side and see the high forested mountains on the other. You can walk through the forests and look at the green plains beneath. From the mountainous plateaus the view extends all the way to the river gorges.

Being a country of nature, Slovenia offers great opportunities for active holidays: swimming in the Adriatic Sea, hiking around Lake Bled, indulging yourself at the Spas or skiing in the Alps in the winter. With four UNESCO protected sites, you are surely in for a treat as you explore its extraordinary territory and discover wonders as you go along. Pick your favourite activity and along with the high quality accommodation you will certainly have a memorable stay. With three international airports and a great infrastructure, Slovenia makes a great choice for tourists from all over the world.

Slovenian Cuisine

The tastes of Slovenia are closely connected to nature, its green territory a wonderful foundation for organic and healthy produce. Vegetables from lush gardens, grains from local valleys, fruits from orchards and forests, traditionally prepared meat dishes, dairy goods from pastures and honey produced by the world-renowned Slovenian honeybees. Think about a food paradise made of the freshest, local ingredients with a taste that clearly indicates that you are sampling high quality food derived from a natural source.

Some specialties that you will enjoy in Slovenia are diary and honey products from the foot of the Alps, the Carniolan sausage, potica, Prekmurian layer cake, Karst delicacies, as well as a variety of incredible wild herbs such as sage, fennel, chamomile, thyme and mint. Prepare to enrich your senses as you enjoy the best of nature!

Slovenian Traditions

Having immense natural abundance, Slovenia developed beekeeping to be a flourishing activity inspiring further artful creations such as the decorations of a beehive. It is very unique that one of the most popular crafts in the country is lace making, practiced in 129 locations across this small country, motivating Slovenia’s citizens to hone their creative skills. The small town of Piran on the spectacular coast of the Adriatic, is blooming thanks to its fleur de sel and salt production using centuries-old-salt-making processes, natural crystallization, and working by hand. Slovenians highly value their family time and take very special care in celebrating Easter, a religious holiday full of festive egg decorations and incredible dishes for the family and friends to enjoy. Labor Day is particularly respected and celebrated, taking place on May 1st and 2nd. The tradition is to decorate a May tree, which is a wooden pole with a wheel decorated with flowers and colorful ribbons fixed on its top. According to beliefs, the May tree is the axis of the world around which the universe revolves. In autumn, the Old Vine festival takes place in the city of Maribor, a home to its 450 year old wine, one of the oldest wines on the planet.

Quick Facts


20,271 km2

Jože Pučnik International Airport in Ljubljana LJU

Edvard Rusjan International Airport in Maribor MBX

International Airport in Portorož POW

Central European Time GMT+1, in summer GMT+2

2,07 million inhabitants

euro (EUR)

Alpine, Pannonian, Mediterranean


Major Regions

Central Slovenia – Ljubljana

Slovenian Istria – Portorož

Alpine Slovenia – Bled, Maribor

Emergency telephone numbers

Police – 112

Fire department – 113

Ambulance – 114

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