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Soko spa

Soko spa

Pleasant climate, riches of therapeutic thermo-mineral waters and long cultural and historical tradition of this place are the main reasons why more and more tourists come to Soko spa every year. Soko spa is located in south-east Serbia 230 km away from Belgrade at the bottom of Ozren mountain at the 400m altitude. River Moravica flows via Soko spa, there is the Bovansko lake in the vicinity of the spa that is surrounded with mountains Rtanj, Devica and Bukovik. Mountains around the spa are rich with forests and medicinal herbs. First written notes on Soko spa made by Constantine the Philosopher date back to 1413, besides there are archaeological proofs that Romans settled here as well. It is known that Turks in the 15th century built their hammams within the spa.

Calming effect of continental climate, high concentration of oxygen, ozone and negative ions in the air, no pollution, little misty and windy days, pleasant air pressure and moderate precipitation create conditions for spa and climate treatment of various diseases and conditions.

Presence of specific elements in the air and oligomineral water (temperature from 28°C to 45°C) that are used for inhalation and bathing offer a perfect place for healing and rehabilitation. Thermal springs of Soko spa are categorized as radioactive alkaline spa. Treatment at Soko spa is also held with the use of radon gas. Soko spa helps people suffering from bronchial asthma, chronic hepatitis, psychoneurosis, tuberculosis, tumors, bleeding etc.

In the vicinity of the Soko spa there are numerous places of interest: Sokograd fortress, Ozren cave, Bovansko lake, river-head of Moravica etc.