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Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours

If you are curious and looking for a remarkable journey that gives you the possibility to meet new destinations with an in-depth approach, our ADVENTURE tours are right for you! We create our tours carefully, optimally combining glorious nature, rich cultural heritage, and experiences with the locals; keeping the balance between rich storytelling and planned agendas with a relaxed, independent approach where clients are able to set their own pace of the tour; measuring the perfect ratio of activity and relaxation.

Our focus is revealing to you still hidden ace of Europe – The Balkans! Its captivating nature, mainly undiscovered, is represented by rugged Dinaric Mountains, the Adriatic coastline with numerous islands and endless beaches, idyllic valleys, pristine rivers and lakes, and one-of-kind canyons and gorges. The impressive culture of the Balkans comes from a blend of ethnic and religious abundance from ancient times. The diversity of the turbulent history, dozens of UNESCO sites, memorable flavors of the traditional cuisine, and cordial hospitality of generous locals will give you an incredible experience.

A visit to the Balkans will show you why it is seen as a “crossroad” of Southeast and Central Europe and leave a long-lasting emotional echo that will warmly call for you to return for more. We will do our best to let you immerse into our extraordinary peninsula, experiencing life-changing adventures.

Our Adventure Tours will be published soon on our website. Do not hesitate to contact us via email if you would like us to send you our offer.