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Vrdnik Spa

Vrdnik spa

Vrdnik Spa is located on the southern bottom of mountains and National Park Fruška Gora in Vojvodina, close to Novi Sad and only 70 km away from Belgrade. Vicinity of Fruška Gora, clean mountain air, famous thermal springs and the highest level of insolation are the reason why Vrdnik spa is a popular relaxation and therapeutic center. It is curious to know that Vrdnik used to be a mine that started to be explored in 1804 and was closed in 1968 when mineral waters started to flood it. First patients of the spa were the miners who discovered therapeutic qualities of the water that helped with the disease that comes with their profession – rheumatism. In 1997 Vrdnik officially received the status of a spa and since then it has been sustainably developing as a health center.

There is a Special Rehabilitation clinic „Thermal“ in Vrdnik that uses all natural wealth of the spa for healing guests. The clinic has two mineral springs with the temperature +32,8°C and +15,5°C, the location is all covered with forests, and the fresh local air make Vrdnik an air-spa. Numerous medical services offer recovery from rheumatic, neurological, orthopedic diseases and many others.

Fruška gora, located nearby, offers active rest in the nature with lots of interesting sights and walking tracks. The most popular tours are Winery and Monastery tours, visit to Sremski Karlovci and Novi Sad.