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Russian cultural heritage in Belgrade

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Russian culture heritage in Belgrade

On a transition from a centuries-old Ottoman period to a new, modern age, Belgrade underwent fundamental changes. The period between World War I and World War II is particularly interesting and turbulent, as the city changes almost overnight, and numerous oriental buildings have replaced the modern ones, which gave Belgrade the appearance of an urban European capital.

Immeasurable influence on Belgrade’s architecture, science, art and culture between the two wars was also made by some of the 44,000 exiled Russians who were fraternally accepted by Serbia.Beside the architects Baumgartner and Verhovsky,the most significant name of Russian architecture in Belgrade is the famous Nikolai Krasnov. This royal architect came to Belgrade after the Russian Revolution in 1919 at the invitation of then Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes and designed some of the most significant and beautiful buildngs of the time: the building of the present Government and the Yugoslav Drama Theater, the interior of the National Assembly building and the Royal Palace in Dedinje, Ružica Church on Kalemegdan, among many others.

Monument to Nicholas II

One of the most beloved representatives of the Russian people in Belgrade was certainly Emperor Nikolai II, who, because of the decision to help Serbia at the beginning of the First World War, enjoyed the respect and gratitude of the Serbian people. The inscription on the monument in front of the Assembly building – a quote from Romanov’s letter to Alexander I Karadjordjevic: “… All my efforts will be directed at preserving the dignity of Serbia… In any case Russia will not be indifferent to Serbia’s fate. ” The monument was unveiled in September 2014, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade, when the Yugoslav National Liberation Army liberated the capital with the huge help of the Russian Red Army. Even one of Belgrade’s main boulevards was named after the famous Red Army, while even today a large number of city streets bear the names of famous Russians: Maxim Gorky, Bulgakov, Tolstoy, Lermont, etc.

The Russian House

The Russian House or the Russian Center for Science and Culture is another representative building related to Russia. It was opened on April 9, 1933, at the initiative of Russian emigrants who found refuge in Belgrade after the October Revolution. The building was designed by Russian architect V. Baumgarten, and today it is a center whose main goal is to promote Russian culture and languages, with numerous cultural events and manifestations.

The Russian Church

The only Russian church in Belgrade, the Church of Holy Trinity, is located next to St. Mark’s Church and Tašmajdan Park. It was built in 1924 and has a large library of rare books. It is significant that Russian priests continue to serve it, and the ground brought from Russia was sprinkled into the foundations of the church. Russian General Vrangel, the leader of the Imperial forces against the Bolsheviks, was buried in the church.

Russian necroplis

Russian Necropolis in Belgrade is located in the Novi Cemetery. It is Russia’s largest foreign cemetery, with over 3,000 Russians buried, including 1,360 WWI generals, officers and soldiers.

Hotel Moskva

One of Belgrade’s symbols and a meeting place for all Belgraders, the Moskva Hotel is located on the famous Terazije Square. Among the many prominent artists, scientists and actors that Hotel Moskva hosted from all over the world, its beloved guests were also Leonid Brezhnev and Nikita Mihalkov, inducted as honorary citizens of Belgrade in 2015.  An architectural jewel of the Russian secession, Hotel Moskva was built in 1906 and is under the protection of the state as one of the most significant monuments of the city’s culture. The cake made at the hotel’s pastry shop is not accidentally called Moscow – schnitz, and as part of this tour you will have the opportunity to taste it.

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