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Subotica Freedom Square

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Freedom Square

Freedom Square, surrounded by parks and foundations, represents the central square of Subotica and the place where numerous concerts and fair take place all the year round. The most famous building located at the Square are City Hall, National Theater – the first monumental public building in Subotica, at that time called «Szabadka».

National Theater was built in 1854 during intensive political repression of Hungary by Hapsburg monarchy and after Hungarian attempt of Independence war had failed in 1849. Throughput of more than 150 years of history, National Theater went through numerous reconstructions and the most detailed one was held in 1927 in order to restore inner patio from the fire of 1915. Surviving in two World Wars and social turbulence, National Theater became real of Subotica’s pride.

City Library founded in 1890 is located on the eastern side of the Freedom Square. The building is recognizable for its yellow facade that was designed by Ferenc Raichle. The beautiful balcony of the Library is held by two Atlases. Middle part of the Square is decorated with a monument to tsar Jovan Nenad with written on it „Your idea won“. Jovan Nenad, one of the most controversial figures in Serbian history, has proclaimed himself a tsar and made Subotica his capital in 1527. His country didn’t last long but some contemporary historians think that Jovan Nenad was the founder of modern Vojvodina. Two fountains are situated near the monument: Green and Blue made of Zsolnay ceramics.

Tours that include Freedom Square: