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Belgrade restaurants

restaurant Čarda Stara Koliba

Čarda Stara Koliba Belgrade, Serbia

A floating restaurant “Čarda Stara Koliba” is one of the most famous dinning places in Belgrade. Traditional dishes with a modern touch are cooked in the open kitchen.

restaurant Ambar

Restaurant Ambar Belgrade, Serbia

Ambar is the first modern, international chain of Balkan cuisine restaurants. Inside its two locations in Belgrade and Washington DC, Ambar blends tradition and heritage with creativity and modern design.

restaurant Brankovina

Restaurant Brankovina Belgrade, Serbia

Located at the corner of Uzun Mirkova Street just by Kalemegdan, Brankovina represent true Belgrade kafana. Warm, big, load and hospitable, smells like "mulled" rakia and home-made dishes.

restaurant Dva jelena Skadarlija

Restaurant Dva jelena Belgrade, Serbia

Dva jelena restaurant, one of the oldest and most frequented restaurants in Belgrade, has been the biggest  à la carte restaurant on the territory of former Yugoslavia for more than hundred

restaurant GRAFICAR

Restaurant Grafičar Belgrade, Serbia

Thirty five years old, but now completely renovated restaurant Grafičar captivates its guests with its new, modern and comfortable look that offers complete hedonism.

restaurant Kalemegdanska terasa

Kalemegdanska terasa, a restaurant with tradition and an oasis of hedonism in the historical core of Belgrade – The Kalemegdan fortress, is a perfect blend of modern and traditional impressions

restaurant Klub Književnika

Restaurant Klub književnika Belgrade, Serbia

Klub književnika is a place of good food and legendary tales. This is the place where one evening Rockefeller came to dinner among the first guests, and left among the last

restaurant Konoba kod Goce i Renata

Restaurant Kod Goce i Renata Belgrade, Serbia

The restaurant always offers the freshest fish, fish paprikash, grilled meat, different desserts, good home-made white wine and comfortable atmosphere of a huge terrace over the river with a view of Danube.

restaurant Kovač

Restaurant Kovač Belgrade, Serbia

This is Smithies where you can beat the daily routine and be welcomed and waited by proper Serbian way.

restaurant Lovac

Restaurant Lovac Belgrade, Serbia

Restaurant Lovac guests enjoy a "cup of warm friendly conversation", in an oasis of almost forgotten serenity, satisfaction and enjoyment.

Restaurant Madera

Restaurant Madera Belgrade, Serbia

The story goes that the restaurant got its name as one of the regular guests brought a great wine from the Portuguese island of Madeira. Belgrade's bohemians, famous artists and